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How to teach yourself to code?

To be able to code is a superpower that gives you ability to build things and program a machine.

“How to learn to code?” is the most asked question by beginners. This post aims to answer that.

Learning to code should always start by asking oneself with why do you want to learn to code? Do you want to build websites or mobile apps or server programming or use it for data science? Because what language you want to learn will depend on what you want to do with it.

Once you are clear with why you want to learn programming, find the programming languages and tech stacks / frameworks that will help you in doing what you want to do. For example, If you want to go with building websites, you would want to pick up HTML, CSS and JS and further ahead with one of the frontend frameworks like Angular, React or VueJs.

Now you know what language you want to learn, pick up any good source of your preference on language and try to get comfortable with the syntax. You can pick up anything you like, books, blogs, videos, or online websites that teach code. Understand why use loops, switch statements, classes, objects, functions or methods. Get all the basics right.

Apart from focusing on learning a specific programming language, you should also try to learn to problem solve by writing programs. To keep practicing, try to get better at algorithms, data structures and system design. Best way to do that is to go with competitive programming.

Now, the next best step to do is start building in tech stack / framework you choose. Try building simple example projects or even jumpstart with the idea you had in mind to build something. Read through the docs and keep building. Look into someone else’s source codes on GitHub or other similar places. If you are stuck and don't understand what the error is saying, copy the error message and paste it in google search and look for solutions. Get help from others on UpHub.

Keep doing it consistently and you will keep getting better at it.

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